Car Donations in Your Area

Finding a charitable car donation program that will benefit the most from you donating your vehicle can sometimes be difficult. Choosing a charity that will help people in your local area is a good way to make your decision easier. There are many national charities that will help needy families and individuals near your home. If you want to donate your used car to a charity that provides funds to help individuals in your state, you should click on your state from the list below.

Donate a Car in Your State

When you decide to donate an automobile or recreational vehicle in your state, you can help local residents that are less fortunate than you may be. You should remember that choosing a well known organization that has their own car donation program will help to provide the most money for those in need. Many charities use a third party company to handle vehicle donations. Some of these third parties, or middlemen, are reputable companies that distribute most of the funds from the sale of your donated property. Other middlemen only give a small percentage of funds to the charity you want your gift to go to.

The best way to find out how much of the funds your selected charitable organization will receive is to call the charity directly and ask what percentage of gross proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle is returned to the charity.

Before making your final decision on what charity to donate your old car or truck to, you need to make sure the charity is a section 501(c)(3) organization. This is the most common type of qualified charity. In order to take a tax deduction for the donated vehicle, the IRS requires that the organization be approved.

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Car Donation Tips & Facts
When donating your vehicle, DO NOT, under any circumstances, leave the buyer section of the title blank.
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