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DonatedUsedAuto.com was set up in order to provide useful information on charitable auto donation programs and related topics. We try to keep the information on this site accurate and up date, but we can not guarantee every page has the most recent information available. As new info about car donation programs becomes available, we will try to update the site in a timely manner. If you have a question or comment about any of the information on DonatedUsedAuto.com, feel free to send us a message from our contact us page. When you want to donate a used auto in your area, you can visit the city car donation page closest to your home.

As car donation programs have become more popular, the number of charities collecting cars for donation has increased. If you are interested in donating an old vehicle, be sure to read every thing you can about a the non-profit along with what the donated property will be used for. You can find all of that information on this site and more. To find information for your area, you will want to visit the specific city page for your hometown. If your city or town is not listed, you will want to visit the closest city to your home. For example, if you live in Shoreline, WA, you might want to check out the Seattle vehicle donations page.

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Car Donation Tips & Facts
Ask how much of the gross proceeds will go back to the charity after you donate a car to them.
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