Ohio Used Car and Truck Donations

Vehicle donation programs seem to be much more popular in recent years, as more and more charitable organizations in Ohio have charitable used car donation programs. Several charities in Ohio will accept an old vehicle whether it is running or not. Some car donation programs really want cars or trucks in decent condition. When making a decision to donate an old vehicle in Ohio, you might need to contact the local branch of your favorite organization to learn the types of vehicles the charity is looking for.

Several charities in OH outsource car donations to third party vehicle donation firms. These firms handle all of the duties of the vehicle donation process. The auto donation company will then provide a check to the non-profit after taking their expenses. Some larger organizations run an in house car donation program. Whether you decide to donate your old car to a charity which works with a vehicle donation company, or has its own vehicle donation department, you need to find out what percentage of the gross proceeds is used for helping the charitable cause. You may also want to get data on what amount of funds are used to help those in Ohio if this is important to you.

Select Your City to Donate Your Car in OH

If the city you live in does not show up in the list above, you should select the city that is closest to your home. A good number of charities with auto donation programs will pick up your car , even if it is far away.

Donate an Unwanted Auto in Ohio

The state of Ohio offers quite a few charities that provide car and truck donation programs which help individuals in Ohio. For many people living in Ohio, this fact is the reason they choose a specific charity. If you want to help a local charity, you will want to contact the nearest location to find out if the car or truck you decide to donate will help a nearby branch in your area.

Popular Vehicle Donation Charities - Ohio

  • The Yellow Ribbon Coalition
    This organization provides financial, education, employment, and housing assistance to U.S. veterans
  • Volunteers of America
    This is the car donation program of Volunteers of America. Donations will be used to help individuals and familys in your local area that are in need.
  • U.S. Fund for UNICEF
    The U.S. Fund for UNICEF works to save millions of children's lives. Your vehicle donation will help with this work.
  • March of Dimes
    The March of Dimes researches causes of premature birth and birth defects. Vehicle Donations will help to continue this work.

Donated Auto Tax Deductions OH
When you decide to donate an old car or truck in Ohio, you can take a tax deduction for the gross sales prices the auto brings when sold. If the non-profit auctions the car for more than $500, you should receive a receipt which allows you to make a deduction of the actual price of your donated auto on your personal tax return. When the donated vehicle sells for less than $500, the IRS will allow you to determine the fair market value, or FMV on your own. The FMV is defined as the price someone is willing to give to buy the vehicle. By donating your non-running vehicle in OH, it is considered a win-win for both you and the charitable organization. You get rid of the unwanted vehicle. You also get to take a tax deduction. Your chosen non-profit gets paid for the used vehicle and has the money to help with the charitable goals

donating a used auto in , Ohio

Quick Tips About Auto Donations
Many car donation programs will also accept trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV's and more.

What to Donate
Ohio charities often welcome the vehicles below.
  • Pontoon Boat
  • Fifth Wheels
  • Mini-Vans
  • Mini Bikes
  • Industrial Machines
  • ATVs
  • Construction Equipment
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Sailboats
  • Car Haulers
  • Trailers
  • Stake Trucks
  • Campers
  • Jetskis
  • Cargo Vans